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photo of a man holding a video camera

uScreen is an award winning ground-breaking web resource for young people to make, show and share films.  It is also recognised internationally and has increasing traffic to it from across the world.  This was one of the original 15 projects developed by Screen South as part of Accentuate.  Accentuate Young Voices utilises the uScreen web resources as a platform to develop films as the media through which young people can share their voices, their thoughts and ideas.

Accentuate Young Voices will produce five films interviewing prominent disabled people from different cultural sectors. Young people will then be asked to respond to these films and discuss ideas about what it was like to be a disabled person in the past and what is it like now, what has changed but what still needs to change.  Accentuate Young Voices ensures that young disabled people have a voice across all areas of Accentuate.  Accentuate will explore how Young Voices can also feed into Accentuate Heritage and Accentuate Critical Debate.

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