Projects in Gosport and Hastings & St Leonards

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Heritage Open Days is a national programme that celebrates England’s fantastic architecture and culture by offering free access to properties that are usually closed to the public or which normally charge for admission. Creative Landscapes has worked closely with Heritage Open Days in two towns - Gosport and Hastings & St Leonards - to develop programmes of events that put accessibility at the core of their work. 

I think that something which has come through strongly for the [Heritage Open Days] event organisers from the work of Creative Landscapes, is that good access can just mean that small changes can make big differences. Member of the Gosport Heritage Open Days Inclusion Group


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Creative Landscapes worked on a project with Gosport Heritage Open Days to help them develop and grow, and to build the accessibility of their programme.

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Creative Landscapes worked to set up a steering committee and develop a programme for Hastings & St Leonards Heritage Open Days with a wide range of local partners.

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