Accentuate launched on this day in 2009

Today is the United Nations International Day of Persons with Disabilities and Accentuate is pleased to celebrate all that has been achieved since our launch.

Legacy Medal 3: Accentuate Will Share New Models of Working with Disabled People, Across the UK and Internationally

Accentuate will continue its work developing and sharing its expertise, particularly around delivering accessible practices, on a national scale in 2013.

Legacy Medal 2: Accentuate Will Continue to Inspire the Next Generation

Accentuate, will pursue its work to inspire the next generation, and is set to reinforce its position as an international leader in providing opportunities for young deaf and disabled people.

Legacy Medal 1: Accentuate Secures Vote of Confidence from Legacy Trust UK to continue to lead Disability Cultural Activity

Accentuate, is delighted to announce it will continue its groundbreaking work throughout the next year and beyond, leading on disability cultural activity as well as continuing to nurture new ideas. Through this transitional phase it will commission and d

Jon Adams work as part of upstream

Accentuate Medal 5: Accentuate has influenced the Cultural Olympiad in the South East to showcase more deaf and disabled artists work than in other regions

Since its creation in 2009, Accentuate has worked tirelessly to champion the work of Deaf and disabled artists. We have worked with Arts Council England (funding partner) and the South East London 2012 Creative Programmer Caterina Loriggio, who has been c

Accentuate Medal 4: Accentuate Drives Inspiration in Sharing the Story of the Paralympic Movement with Hundreds of Young People Across the Globe

Accentuate is celebrating the legacy of Stoke Mandeville Hospital by supporting a major new exhibition, which will take place alongside the London 2012 Paralympic Games.

Medal 3. Accentuate has brought together disabled artists and athletes in ways that have not been seen before.

Accentuate has worked right across the cultural sector and many of it’s projects, including Driving Inspiration and Starting Line, have enabled disabled athletes and artists to work together.

starting line rehearsal, 4 performers using ribbons to move each other around to create a piece of art.

Accentuate Medal Two: Celebrating the Paralympic Torch and Igniting the potential of the next generation of disabled artists and performers!

Live art + dance + film + hundreds of athletes & young people worldwide + the Paralympic Flame = Starting Line

a male golfer swings his club pivoting on one leg to drive the ball out of a bunker

Medal1. Accentuate Inspires Tomorrow’s Paralympic and Elite Disabled Athletes with World Class Sporting Events

We are entering an historic moment in time; the Paralympic Games are coming home. Accentuate will be celebrating this moment by releasing a set of medals outlining what we have achieved so far and what we still intend to do

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