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a watercolour and ink painting of tall dark grey huts against a blue sky

Mick's Hut by Sally Booth

Featured Project

Creative Landscapes is an Accentuate project working with disabled people to find accessible and creative approaches to exploring and sharing our heritage.

Established by English Heritage, it is now hosted by Screen South and works closely with the national Heritage Open Days programme. There are two main strands to the project:
• Developing accessible Heritage Open Days programmes.
• Working with disabled artists and arts organisations to find accessible and replicable approaches exploring heritage.

Join us to celebrate Heritage Open Days 2011 from September 8th - 11th!
Volunteers in Hastings and Gosport have been working extremely hard in the build up to Heritage Open Days 2011. Both locations boast fantastic programmes this year, with over 70 events in total exploring the unique heritage and culture of these two fascinating coastal towns.

The Disability and Inclusion members recruited through the Creative Landscapes project have played a vital role in making these programmes accessible, advising on and delivering accessible events and publicity.  This year the local steering committees have taken complete control of programme delivery, with support from the Creative Landscapes team, reflecting the pride and enthusiasm residents feel for their locality.

Accessible events include BSL tours of HM Submarine Alliance in Gosport and of The Stade in Hastings. We are delighted that two Accentuate projects come together over the weekend of 10th-11th September as Here and There, a UScreen-funded project links with the Creative Landscapes for a film showing. Here and There is a Creative Partnerships project, funded by UScreen and Creative Partnerships, Sussex and Surrey. Through the project young disabled people have worked with five Sussex based film makers to create films that explore their own personal heritage and local heritage. The three films are being shown in a 20ft shipping container on the St Leonard’s seafront from 12-4pm.

Our 2010 Artists-in-Residence will also be part of Heritage Open Days again. In Gosport, disabled artist Mandie Saw will be launching the permanent exhibition of her photographic work at the New Inn Pub, from where she will be running a drop-in workshop for local people over the HODs weekend.

In Hastings, Sally Booth and Lynn Weddle will be re-showing their work at the new, fully accessible Stade Hall.
For more information about any of the events please contact the Creative Landscapes team.
Esther Gill Creative Landscapes Project Coordinator 07762 945123
Cynara Davies Creative Landscapes Project Coordinator 07733 237053
Liz Porter  Creative Landscapes Disability Adviser  07824 344828

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