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Camilla Brueton is the project manager for Our View and we asked her to describe her highlights of the last six months.

“Our View has had an exciting and productive 6 months. Top of my list of highlights must be the excellent Art and Sport publication produced by the Core Group and launched at the recent Accentuate event at the Houses of Parliament. Born out of discussions on the Our View blog about the differences and commonalities between disability arts and sport, this publication will hopefully be the first of many to transform ideas and topics important to Our View into tangible outcomes and discussion points.

Producing this document was a real team effort, and drew on the strengths, expertise and networks present within the Our View Core Group. A big aim for future publications is to widen this pool of expertise to include Project People. We are already planning the next Our View event in October as an opportunity for all of Our View to shape a future series of publications and begin to talk about what the Our View legacy might be.

Over the past 6 months I have also managed to catch up with Our View Project People in a series of 1:1’s to find out how delivering projects on the ground is going. This has provided an invaluable insight and it is a process I am hoping to repeat with Project Officers in the coming months.”

Accentuate relies on the expertise of the Our View Core Group and Project People to inform all levels of the programme from “grass routes” delivery to strategically developing the direction of the programme.  There is so much informed discussion on the Our View blog pages of the website we encourage you to check it out regularly.  There have been two very interesting blogs posted recently about Blue Touch Paper Carnival and the Driving Inspiration event in Bucks to find out more go to:

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