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Accentuate Ambassadors

We have been delighted to garner support and enthusiasm from a number of key people who will now work as our advocates as Accentuate Ambassadors.

This process started during the planning of the launch as we wanted to introduce the programme throughout different target areas hoping people would be excited by the potential of the programme. This proved to be the case and the launch was a good beginning to developing our relationship with our Ambassadors.

They will receive bi-monthly updates from us to keep them informed as to the general progress of the programme, alongside more detailed information in connection with projects they are particularly interested in. We hope this will ensure they are well informed and inspired to talk about Accentuate amongst their networks, raising the profile of the programme and the possible impact it may achieve.

We also hope to feature one Ambassador and the reasons they feel Accentuate is interesting or relevant in every edition of Accentuate News. In this edition we are pleased to introduce Dr Tom Shakespeare, a valued “disabled thinker”. Esther Appleyard was pleased to meet him to discuss his reasons why he felt a cultural shift was necessary. The film on the homepage of our website is a record of this interview. He also expressed particular interest in the Accentuate projects, Campaign! Realise! and Creative Landscapes.

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