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head and shoulders photgraph of Ann with the Paralympic Torch emblem behind her

Ann Cutcliffe

Featured Ambassador

We are delighted to welcome Ann Cutcliffe, vice chair of Paralympics GB, as an Accentuate Ambassador.  Ann has been very supportive of Accentuate, attending events such as the Disabled British Open Golf and we are very pleased to further strengthen our links to the Paralympic Games through the relationship we have with Ann.

 Ann was manager of the highly successful Paralympic equestrian team at the Sydney Games in 2000 and won SportscoachUK’s Dyson Award in recognition.  Ann was also Chairman of Selectors for Atlanta, Sydney and Athens.

Ann was re-elected to the position of vice-chair of Paralympics GB having first taken up the role in 2000.

“I am delighted to be an ambassador for Accentuate.  I have been very interested to see and hear how the Paralympic Movement has inspired such a huge range of projects”

“I passionately believe in promoting the talents of disabled people.  Accentuate is a wonderful example of how to provide opportunities for people to explore their potential and work towards being recognised as being the best in their field; whether this is within sport or the arts.”

Accentuate looks forward to continuing our relationship with Ann, as the excitement builds in the countdown to the Paralympic Games.

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