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Dr Tom Shakespeare photograph by Belinda Mason

Featured Ambassador

In this edition we would like to “revisit” our Ambassador Dr Tom Shakespeare.  We have had much positive feedback from the filmed interview we have on our homepage.  He fantastically describes so many of our overarching aims and many of the similarities and differences between disabled sports and arts.

Dr Tom Shakespeare trained as a social scientist at the University of Cambridge, and has worked at the Universities of Sunderland, Leeds and currently Tom is a Research Fellow at Newcastle University. He has led research projects on disabled children, sexuality and disability and quality of life in restricted growth. He has written widely on disability and bioethics, and most recently authored Disability Rights and Wrongs (2006) and co-edited Arguing About Disability (2008).  Dr Shakespeare is also a consultant at the World Health Organisation and has contributed to the forthcoming World report on disability and rehabilitation and the WHO Task Force on Disability.

Accentuate has caught up with him recently as he offered his support during our recent publicity drive to promote our success since our launch on 3rd December 2010.  We are also beginning to discuss with him how we might link to his work with WHO, in particular his World report on disability through our project Campaign!  It will be really exciting if we can continue to explore these links as this potentially has International significance.

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