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Our View 

It has always been essential for the success of Accentuate to involve disabled people and their expertise at all levels of the programme.  In order to ensure disabled people were represented and had the opportunity to share their skills, the idea of Our View was formed. 

This will consist of three groups of Disabled people.  These are Our View Project People, the Our View Core Group and then a wider group of disabled people who have an interest in following the development of Accentuate and would like to feed in via the website. 

  • The project people will be recruited by individual Accentuate projects to work in a more detailed way with delivery partners on specific projects. 

  • The Core Group will be 5 highly skilled disabled people who can represent their particular specialism, e.g. Sports, Film, Arts, Heritage but also understand the broad aims of Accentuate and will therefore function as Accentuate Ambassadors.  They will be expected to speak about Accentuate at events as well as provide information (such as a blog) for the website and offer their perspective to assist in the overall shaping and delivery of the programme. 

We are currently recruiting for these positions and so far have had much interest from a wide range of people, from Paralympians to Journalists.  We are also recruiting an Our View Project Manager who will oversee the whole process and ensure the group works effectively within Accentuate. 

If you would like more information about Our View please email

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