Photographed outside in the courtyard of the church Esther is wearing a white,long, slim dress, with feather shall, bernie is wearing a dark diner suit and bow tie holding two cups of pims.

Directors Blog

Programme Directors Esther and Emma sum up the last two months activity

in the boardroom, a spot lit carpetted room with a large plasma screen at one end, which a group of about 15 people are facing.

Our View

The first big event

Hialry is photographed in a white suite he is holding a baton in mid air conducting

Featured Ambassador: Hilary Davan Wetton

We are delighted to welcome one of Britain's most versatile and dynamic conductors, Hilary Davan Wetton, as an Accentuate Ambassador.

A young person with a brightly coloured feather headress standing next to a laday with her arm around them smiling.

Featured Project: uScreen and Celebrate and Commission

As usual, there is so much happening with Accentuate projects that we will be hearing from two different projects:

FYI: Opportunities and Jobs

An opportunity to work for Arts Council England South East

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