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Recording talking labels for an exhibition of work at Hastings Museum and Art Gallery

In Hastings & St Leonards we were unable to choose one artist to undertake the Hastings & St Leonards Revealed residency, so we choose two: Sally Booth and Lynn Weddle

The two artists were commissioned to undertake both participatory work and to produce their own work, inspired by the heritage of Hastings & St Leonards. Sally ran workshops at Hastings Museum and Art Gallery for family groups, while Lynn worked with a group from Sussex Autism to use photography as way of capturing personal views of local heritage. 

Creative participation was also a key part of their Heritage Open Days contribution, with Lynn's photo trail around The Stade and Sally's Drawing Tent, nestled between the Net Huts. 

Work by both artists was shown as part of Heritage Open Days 2010, and some of this was then re-hung in 2011 in the new Stade Community Hall by our partner, the now finished, Stade Education Project

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