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Directors Blog

Spring is on it’s way, encouraging growth and new shoots of inspiration.

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Our View

We see an interesting mix of impact, activity and future planning.

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Featured Project

We focus on two projects Realise and Campaign, that particularly provide opportunities for young disabled people to gain expertise and share their thoughts and ideas.

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Accentuate Ambassador

We are delighted to welcome Vidar Hjardeng as an Accentuate Ambassador. Vidar is the Diversity Manager for the ITV News Group and has a wealth of expertise and knowledge within broadcast and media.

FYI: Opportunities

This section tells you about all kinds of activity that you might want to get involved in.

Accentuate News: Issue 1

Welcome to Accentuate News, our new bi-monthly publication that will keep you updated as to what’s happening with the programme, any up and coming events and opportunities.

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1000 day countdown: The Accentuate Launch

Launched at Brighton’s culturally iconic Dome, this was an opportunity for people to find out more about Accentuate and served as a showcase for the talent of the South East.

Our View 

It has always been essential for the success of Accentuate to involve disabled people and their expertise at all levels of the programme.

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Accentuate Website

The website went live on the same day as the Accentuate launch and is a comprehensive “hub” of information which describes the aims of the programme as well as the individual projects.

Accentuate Ambassadors

We have been delighted to garner support and enthusiasm from a number of key people who will now work as our advocates as Accentuate Ambassadors.

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Featured project

Every young person in the South East has the opportunity to participate in a project with another young person from a competitor country between now and 2012


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