Featured Project and FYI : Opportunities

There is so much going on that we have combined two sections to bring you the news and opportunities that are available with four Accentuate projects. Please look at the Accentuate website for more detailed information.

Graeae Theatre Company: Call for performers, The Threepenny Opera

Next Spring the New Wolsey Theatre, Birmingham Rep, Nottingham Playhouse, West Yorkshire Playhouse and Graeae are presenting a one-of-a-kind production of The Threepenny Opera.

Sign Dance members poss for a photo

Accentuate Medal 6: Accentuate Gives Young People a Voice!

In the three years since it was launched, Accentuate has succeeded in giving young Deaf and disabled people a voice and an opportunity to share their opinions through creative thinking.

Jon Adams work as part of upstream

Accentuate Medal 5: Accentuate has influenced the Cultural Olympiad in the South East to showcase more deaf and disabled artists work than in other regions

Since its creation in 2009, Accentuate has worked tirelessly to champion the work of Deaf and disabled artists. We have worked with Arts Council England (funding partner) and the South East London 2012 Creative Programmer Caterina Loriggio, who has been c

a male golfer swings his club pivoting on one leg to drive the ball out of a bunker

Medal1. Accentuate Inspires Tomorrow’s Paralympic and Elite Disabled Athletes with World Class Sporting Events

We are entering an historic moment in time; the Paralympic Games are coming home. Accentuate will be celebrating this moment by releasing a set of medals outlining what we have achieved so far and what we still intend to do

FYI: Opportunities

This section is a chance to get involved in some Accentuate projects

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Featured Project

Gaming and Major Events

A young person with a brightly coloured feather headress standing next to a laday with her arm around them smiling.

Featured Project: uScreen and Celebrate and Commission

As usual, there is so much happening with Accentuate projects that we will be hearing from two different projects:

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